Silikal® flake flooring systems are tough, multi-functional, seamless, and hygienic and offer a pleasing visual appeal to any environment. Silikal flake flooring system installation serve both practical and aesthetic purposes. There are hundreds of pre-mixed Silikal flake flooring color blend options available, as well as custom combinations. Silikal flake flooring is popular among those looking to beautify a floor and/or distract from any blemishes.


The following information provides an overview of the components of the SILIKAL® 62 Self Leveling Flake flooring system.

Patch Repair with R17

SILIKAL® R 17 mortar is a 2-component methacrylic resin that is solvent-free. It can be compressed greatly and has immense tensile strength.  It only takes an hour for the R17 to dry, making it an excellent repair choice for businesses that need to minimize downtime.

Moisture Vapor Treatment RE40

SILIKAL® RE40 is an extremely lowviscosity pressure and water-resistant concrete primer.  This means that it is great at preventing rising moisture.  As a result, it provides an excellent water moisture barrier; environments that deal with water vapor are better protected with this treatment.

Primer R41

SILIKAL® R 41 primer penetrates porous substrates with ease. This allows the resinous base layer to penetrate deeper into the substrate, which provides a layer of adhesion that extends below the physical surface of your new floor.

Membrane RV368

SILIKAL® RV 368 resin is 2-component methacrylic resin with low-temperature flexibility and high impact resistance. It is extremely wellsuited to use as a coating layer that can withstand immense stress, shock, movement, and vibration. Its elasticity makes this product an excellent choice for filling cracks, coating surfaces, and maintaining pliability when exposed to extreme cold.

Base Coat R62 SL

SILIKAL® R 62 SL resin is a medium-viscosity methacrylic resin that is outstandingly suitable for most applications. In conjunction with fillers, pigments, or assorted chip flakes, it can be developed into numerous visually appealing surfaces.

Top Coat R71 RE

SILIKAL® R 71 resin is a 2-component methacrylic resin that offers superior durability. It has a low viscosity, is chemically resistant, reactive, solvent-free, and non-yellowing.

We are licensed to provide Silikal flake flooring system installation in Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Oregon, and northern California.

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