50+ Years of Trust, Service

For over half a century, Silikal has brought the highest quality and best engineered commercial flooring products to the market. With Silikal acrylic resin flooring systems, you raise your business – and your company’s flooring – to a new, higher standard.

What is Silikal Flooring?

Silikal flooring refers to the use of a Silikal acrylic resin to create commercial flooring.  An epoxy resin is generally used for such applications, but epoxy resin flooring does not last as long as Silikal. As a result of this longevity, were able to offer a 5year warranty on all Silikal flooring systems we install. Silikal acrylic resin fully fills any pores in the flooring base itself, strengthening the entire finished product rather than just creating a durable top layer. Silikal flooring allows for unparalleled durability that can withstand tremendous punishment, be it from the storage/movement of heavy wares or the constant foot traffic of employees.  

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Silikal is a German company that has been manufacturing acrylic resins for over 50 years. Their products are produced under strict ISO Quality Assurance Guidelines that ensure both the installer and the client that they are working with and purchasing an end-product that has been engineered with the finest raw materials and is delivered and installed with exact specifications.


Silikal acrylic resin offers a combination of durability and hygiene that is unmatched in today’s commercial flooring industry. Seamless and pore-free, Silikal flooring systems provide a surgical standard of sanitation while they endure the heavy loads of trucks, equipment, and traffic.


Silikal America authorizes only the best and most qualified flooring contractors to install their Silikal flooring systems. It takes extensive training and experience to install a Silikal acrylic resin floor. Our Deckade crew works with Silikal products, exclusively, enabling them to perfect the art of building a hand-crafted resin floor.


Silikal’s industry best 5-Year Warranty covers both materials and installation. This inclusive coverage insures that you will receive warranty service based on the partnership pledge offered jointly by Deckade and Silikal. We strive to be your flooring contractor for the life of your floors.

LEED Certified

Silikal contains no solvents and is low VOC. These green qualities are healthy attributes that the floor contributes to the work place.

Silikal. Expect more from your floor.