Silikal’s primer and topcoat application is a practical and highly durable option for concrete sealing treatment projects. The Silikal acrylic concrete sealer’s resin products permeate and mechanically bond with the concrete slab, while the topcoat provides a smooth workable surface that will endure commercial stress and heavy traffic. 

Each of the components listed below are what make Silikal acrylic concrete sealer so durable under the heavy wear conditions inherent in many commercial industries. We are licensed to provide Silikal concrete sealing treatment in Nevada, Idaho, OregonArizona, and northern California.

Listed below are all the components of the SILIKAL®Concrete Sealing flooring system accompanied by a brief description.

Patch Repair With R17

SILIKAL R 17 mortar is a 2-component methacrylic resin mortar, which can be highly compressed, has a high tensile strength, and is solvent-free. R17 only takes an hour to cure, which makes it crucial to timely repairs for companies requiring minimal down time.

Moisture Vapor Treatment RE40

SILIKAL RE 40 is a very low viscosity and pressure-water-resistant concrete primer that prevents rising moisture while permeating every open pore of the surface it is applied to. This ensures that it will guard the floor from any excesses in moisture. This is important for businesses that encounter a lot of water or vapor in their work areas.

Silikal Concrete Mortar

Primer R41

SILIKAL R 41 primer strengthens and impregnates porous substrates, making it an integral component of the Silikal flooring systems. This allows our resinous base layer to penetrate the substrate, which provides a layer of adhesion that goes below the surface of your floor.

Top Coat R71 RE

SILIKAL R 71 resiis a low viscosity, reactive, chemically resistant, non-yellowing, and solvent-free 2-component methacrylic resin that offers superior durability.

Silikal. Expect more from your floor.