In the presentation above, you will see the Deckade installation crew build a Silikal flooring system from start to finish. This series of slides will provide you with a visual representation of the installation process step by step. One of the early and most critical components of this installation is the preparation of the surface, or substrate. At Deckade, we believe this is a crucial step and we spend considerable time and effort to make sure that your existing concrete slab or other base material is expertly prepared so it is best suited to receive the application of Silikal products.

The Silikal system is applied systematically in several phases. Curing time for each application is approximately one hour; this allows Deckade to deliver large areas of fully installed flooring in a single workday.

Once the final top coat is rolled on, the floor is completely useable in less than two hours. Silikal’s fast curing time minimizes your facility downtime.

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