Meet the Team




Matt Revak – President/ Owner

As soon as you meet Matt Revak, you sense a particular charm that exudes trust in his word and commitment to his business. Be it his enduring experience as a highly successful general contractor, business operator, or sheer appreciation for the life that surrounds his personal and professional life, Matt is authentic in every sense of the word.

In his own distinctive way, Matt presents a calm and collected approach to the flooring business that is fueled by an unyielding determination to succeed on his clients’ best behalf.

We want to be able to take care of our clients’ needs in an expeditious manner that is going to far exceed any of their expectations.”

For over 20 years, Matt has been involved in the business world in a variety of capacities; yet all of these are focused on providing quality products with unmatched service levels. He has a keen ability to balance his commitment to his professional life with his moments at home. Matt always looks forward to spending time with his grandchildren, family, and kids, enjoying all that Northern Nevada has to offer.


Cathy Revak – Owner/ CFO

Cathy Revak’s extensive background in finance and ‘people management’ has attributed to Deckade’s success for many years. She has a keen ability to blend her experience in accounting, education and insurance to keep the operation running efficiently and effectively 24/7.

I work with our entire team to ensure every decision and direction we take is the right one for our customers and our employees. They are equally important to us and the future of our company.”

Cathy and her husband, Matt, got involved in Deckade after years in the home building business and education. Her personal and passionate approach comes naturally to Cathy who spent five quality years as a special education and reading aid with the Carson City School District.

Today, Cathy handles all of the AP and AR transactions as well as insurance and licensing. Her outside interests keep her fit to handle all of her business responsibilities. She loves to work out at the gym and also enjoys biking, cooking, gardening, and curling up with a good book. Ask anyone who knows Cathy about her true passion and they will be the first to tell you that her family is her pride and joy.


Nathan Chalmers – Regional Account Manager

Nathan has worked his way up at Deckade Flooring, pushing himself to learn everything about the business, and his broad array of accomplishments continues to grow. Nathan started out working on the installation crew, learning to hand lay quality floors, while also gaining insight of the multiple flooring products offered today. His extensive knowledge of the flooring industry has helped him succeed in his main focus, marketing and sales.

I find satisfaction from my job when I’m able to meet a customer and know that I’m helping them get a product that I believe in. By installing Silikal floors for years, I know quality work when I see it and I want to give my customer the best experience possible, from our initial meeting to our last.”

Nathan’s top notch customer service skills, along with his knowledge of Silikal products, continue to make him a strong asset. When Nathan has down time, he enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife, Hannah, and their dog, Anouk, as well as, cheering on his favorite sports teams, the San Francisco 49ers and the Los Angeles Angels.


Erin Capurro – General Manager

With the title of “General Manager”, Erin Capurro has earned her way to help lead Deckade to its success today. Born and raised in the business (she’s the daughter of owners Matt and Cathy Revak), Erin started her responsibilities focused on sales and marketing. In this capacity she has and continues to handle the operation’s marketing programs that include sales presentations and overall branding.

In-between the creative responsibilities, Erin also oversees the more technical tasks of reading and analyzing blueprints, cost estimating, and proposal development. Wearing many hats, Erin also manages the company’s inventory, freight, and shipping logistics.

I thoroughly enjoy multi-tasking my way through every day; in fact, I look forward to it as I know each step is equally important to our customers’ demands and expectations and overall operation.”

There’s no doubt this position is ideal for Erin who has always had a passion to put more on her plate than most. Just after she graduated from college, Erin was off to Europe to learn everything she could about Deckade and its representation of the Silikal products. She’s always on the go … staying fit, cooking up healthy meals, and making memories indoors and out with her husband, Patrick, daughter, Alina, and French Brittany, Darby, by her side.



Hannah Chalmers – Senior Webmaster/ Warehouse Manager/ Financial Assistant

Within every successful company is one who has the determination to take on tasks that many would shy away from; fortunately for Deckade, Hannah Chalmers has the fortitude to charge forward as the company’s senior webmaster, warehouse manager, and financial assistant while she wears any other hat that the company may need to prosper. Although it is uncommon for most to be so delicately balanced with left and right brain competence, Hannah has the ability to blend her skills on the company’s best behalf every day.

I truly enjoy the creative aspects of my job as this allows me to artistically express my knowledge about the business — in a concentrated effort to build our business.”

Whether Hannah is building on-line marketing campaigns, updating Deckade’s website, balancing the books, or shipping supplies, she handles each responsibility with an independent and forthright manner. Well-known for her love of life and family time, Hannah enjoys every opportunity to spend time with her husband, Nate – who is also part of the Deckade team. Together with Anouk ~ their four-legged daughter ~ they like to explore the great outdoors while they look forward to spending their second year together as a married couple.





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